Attention Concrete Canoe Teams

Concrete Canoe Teams,

This is an important announcement regarding the submissions of the Design Report and Project Overview & Technical Addendum. As stated in Section 6.3.3 of the Concrete Canoe Rules and Regulations: “Each school shall provide five (5) bound copies of the Design Paper by the deadline set by the conference host school. Electronic copies… are also to be provided by the deadline.” The deadline set by SIUC is April 1st. This however is a Sunday, meaning that all schools technically have a grace period of one day; although the mail does not run on Sunday if shipping through USPS. This email hopes to serve as a friendly reminder that all bound copies must be received by the deadline and mail on campus requires an extra day. Please make the necessary mailing adjustments to insure that your report does not become penalized because of a late submission. To expedite the judging process please have all electronic copies uploaded as indicated by 6.3.3 as soon as possible. Having the electronic copies available before April 1st will greatly help the judges to complete scoring in a timely manner.


MCSC 2018 Committee

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